the free immersion method
for yoga teachers

An intentional container offering an invitation to deepen your self-guided spiritual practice

Inquiry Over Imposition

Certainty is very seductive.


In our quest as spiritual seekers and leaders, in search of knowledge and wisdom for the highest good of all, we have devoted ourselves to established paths, truths, methods, and teachings that have enabled us to dive deeply below the surface and towards Source.


In our journey through these intermediary realms between surface and Source, many of us have forgotten that our unique wisdom and history also shapes the formation of our awareness and perspective of this human experience, and thus, our own personal truths.

It is these truths that I invite you to explore through this container.

Becoming intimate with the truth of you will bring you trust and clarity, which act as an anchor. When you don’t know the truth of who you are, you will believe what other people tell you that you are.

The rediscovery of your own genius.

In order to teach boldly, widely, and effectively, there arrives a point in our path where we must turn back towards ourselves and dive deeply into dynamic self-inquiry.

The genius you seek is within your body. It is through the present moment awareness of the sensations and emotions flowing through you that you are able to uncover the answers to the question, "What is all of this really about?"

Yoga is an ocean. If you can swim in the deeper end of the water, you can take your students there. When you grow, your students grow with you.

It is my honor, as a devoted Yogi, to help ease you into inquiry and away from imposition, using my experience of becoming intimate with my own nature, and of coming home to my Self, as the foundation.


Let go of all assumptions, all strategies, all intentions, and most importantly, all effort.

It is in this space that you can settle into what's already fully present, and thus experience what Yoga has always promised - the deepest possible peace, compassion, understanding and wisdom.


All are welcome.

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Please note: Free Immersion Method™ is a somatic practice tool. It is not a medical therapy or intervention. This practice encourages participants to have their ‘eyes closed’ or an eye cover such as a headband or eye mask. It can be adapted to suit different body shapes and sizes, however, is not necessarily suited to everyone. Please email to advise of any specific needs. Use the contact form on this website for any questions.

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Dec 11 - Dec 17