I can gather the troops. Can you lead them?

Hi, I'm Jana Mars

You and I share a passion for justice.


We are both already making an impact. As allies, we have greater resources and access to proven strategies, and our vision comes more clearly into focus in the crosshairs.


I specialize in curating ethically persuasive narratives and messaging designed to ignite advocacy, raise awareness and funds, inspire action, and enact change in the non-profit sector.


I know that in this fast-changing landscape of a post-pandemic, destabilized global culture, it has become ever more challenging to "speak to" your audience, as the way we work, collaborate, socialize, and behave adjust to a continuous "New Normal".


I know that, over all the noise, it's increasingly harder to stand out amongst other non-profits who are doing good work and competing for limited resources, including the ever-valuable attention of the public eye.


I see this challenge in client after client, and, as an activist myself, I empathize.

It's a relief when you find an expert who understands your struggles, resonates with your mission, and sees your vision. One that can quickly take a bird's eye view of your organization's current state of affairs and efficiently see a clear, honest path to your short and long-term goals.



My intention when approaching a new relationship, both with a client and with an audience I engage, is always to be one of respectful curiosity. For my clients, it manifests in learning to operate in sync with the non-profit's mission, passion, and way of doing business. For my audience, it is to create and nurture a community mentality that is aware, authentic, and adaptable, and fosters trust. Everything happens more quickly with trust.

Plus, it's more enjoyable. 


After a decade of service within various non-profit frameworks, and playing on the other side of the fence building a successful service-oriented business with conscious capitalist foundations, the fire that has sparked within me to be of service to organizations who fight for justice, especially in the environmental arena, is burning hot.

How can I help you?


I advise non-profit organizations and NGOs in initiatives and campaigns

I know what to say, and how to effectively say it, to guide what people think, do, and feel, always with ethical consideration for the highest good of all.

Human psychology is a well-studied science. Through my work, I have gone beyond traditional strategies and tactics to empower non-profit organizations with consistent narratives and messaging that drives home, at every turn, the actionable goals of the organization in a contemporary, compelling way.


Let me show you how to master the art of real connection, as you learn to open and maintain a dialogue with the public that is clear, honest, and meaningful. Then watch the seeds bloom as they become more than just supporters. They become advocates.

Advocacy is vital to the longevity of any non-profit organization. We need champions fighting for us in the community.

This is what will take your organization to the next level.


This is what will take you mainstream.

Looking for my next opportunity to make some waves with missions that idealize the highest good of all

Jana Mars - Sailing _ Tantra _ SUP Yoga.

Clients &


Through my activism, advocacy, and consultancy work, I have been honored to collaborate with these organizations, among many others:

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